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Civil Litigation

We understand the issues that you face in business and that you need litigation solicitors who will act proactively to solve your problems in a way which will not only provide you with the right level of expertise but will deliver value.

We offer flexibility within our charging models and can provide advice on a fixed fee basis as well as utilising more traditional hourly rates. Fees can be staged through the course of litigation or we may be able to build a model which incorporates payment on a contingency basis. We are committed to providing you with an appropriate risk management solution. Our aim is to give you confidence in the decisions that you make.

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Types of Cases

    Banks have been hit by scandal after scandal and the law can be complex & changing. The team at Abbott & Co have ensured that we are at the forefront of developing areas of law to ensure that our advice is current which places us in a position to provide the right solution for your circumstances.


    Individuals start out in business in the firm belief that it will be successful. Relationships are formed in the belief that the parties will be able to work together in a successful team. Disputes can be acrimonious and can be costly whilst diverting important time away from the business.


    When instructing a professional there is an expectation that the person will act in a way which is consistent with the standards of a particular profession, skill or competence. Where you have been let down by a professional, our team will ensure that you are compensated for the losses that you have suffered.


    We have extensive experience gained over many years in the field of restrictive covenants. Our solicitors have been involved in many successful proceedings in court both enforcing covenants and defending allegations of infringement.

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A dispute with a key customer or supplier can have a significant impact on your business. Contractual disputes arise regularly in the course of business. The terms of a contractual relationship are determined by the parties. Disagreements may arise both in relation to the performance of contractual terms or in relation to the interpretation those terms.

We understand the commercial pressures that you face in business. Our expert team of litigation lawyers will work closely with you not only to achieve the best outcome in the short term but will take into account your long term business goals when seeking to resolve a contractual dispute. Our goal is to balance the required level of expertise whilst delivering value and efficiency to your dispute. We aim to mitigate your exposure to risk throughout the dispute resolution process to allow you make informed decisions based on pragmatic and commercial advice.

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If you require advice or assisance with a pending or new dispute, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll endeavour to assist you in any way that we can.