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Abbott & Co Solicitors are a team of highly respected, criminal law Solicitors with over 40 years of experience. Our team have the expertise to guide you through your legal situation and we are here to deal with the matter at hand. Whatever circumstances you find yourself in, you can feel assured that you will be treated with empathy and professionally at all times.
All of our criminal solicitors in Leeds are approachable and proactive. Whether you have been arrested, or you have been charged with a crime, our Criminal Lawyers have an excellent track record in successful defence outcomes in criminal law cases. You can be confident we can help, whatever the offence you have been charged with.

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Our hospitable team of expert lawyers have a plethora of experience, not just in legal matters, but also in all the other things that matter - like building great relationships, putting people first, and making a difference.

To ensure that our work is of the highest of standards, we've implemented a state-of-the-art case management system and instilled with our staff an approach that is centered around the clients. We listen and understand before providing straight-forward and honest professional advice to get you the best results.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid Representation

We can offer legal aid funding on eligible criminal law cases by the Legal Aid Agency, (LAA) which is a system of government funding.
Legal aid can be used to help pay for your legal representation, however not everyone is eligible for Legal aid because it is means tested. In order to qualify for legal aid, your income and savings will be taken into account. If you've been charged with a crime, you must ask your criminal solicitor if you're able to get criminal legal aid. If you find that you are eligible for legal aid funding for your criminal law matter, we can help you to facilitate your legal aid claim.

Police Station Representation

Representation at
Police Station

Are you suspected of committing and offence? Have you been accused of a crime? Are you or is someone you know being held in a police station for question? Do not speak to the police until you have spoken to us.

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For urgent specialist advice, immediate representation or to speak with confidentially about any criminal case, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team of police station solicitors and police station representatives in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds & Bradford, Newcastle and Glasgow.

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In the urgent case that you are arrested or are required to return to a police station, be sure to call us
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