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Dispute Resolution

As an individual, you may become involved in disputes with other parties, or as is becomming more commonplace with the current cost of living crisis, you may experience financial difficulties. Abbott & Co. are able to give a wide range of tailored advice, quickly and cost effectively with specialist teams of lawyers that are able to give you the peace of mind you need should these situations arise through expert advice and assistance.

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Individual Services
  • Financial &
    Banking Disputes

    Our experts deal with all aspects of banking & financial litigation including enforceability of agreements and liability under a guarantee. We can provide clear advice to assist in the resolution of any arising issues including mis-selling of financial products & mortgage repossessions.

  • Property

    Everybody has to deal with property at some point, but from time to time problems or disputes can arise. Our expert team acts on behalf of all stakeholders, and seek to offer straightforward, strategic advice to resolve disputes and help avoid problems.

  • Defamation &

    Your reputation is an important asset which requires care and protection. Privacy laws exist to protect you from unwanted and unjustified attention. We deal with all types of issues involving defamation, cyber-squatting, privacy, malicious falsehood, and confidentiality.

  • Consumer

    We all purchase goods and use services, however unfortunately sometimes the goods and services supplied are unsatisfactory, faulty, or are defective; with the potential to cause harm. Our team are experienced in handling all aspects of consumer disputes.

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If you need an urgent legal remedy to preserve property, money, evidence, or your rights, then Abbott & Co can help.

An Injunction is a Court Order which requires a party to do, or to refrain from doing, a certain act. Injunctions are imposed at the discretion of the Court where it is just and convenient to do so, but the Court will not usually grant an Injunction where damages would be an appropriate alternative.

Due to the serious nature of an Injunction, they can be difficult to obtain and the Court will require detailed evidence in support of any Application. For more information about how to obtain an Injunction, or for a no obligation discussion, please contact our Dispute Resolution team today.

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If you require advice or assisance with a pending or new dispute, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll endeavour to assist you in any way that we can.