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Company & Commercial Law

Abbott & Co Solicitors is a highly respected law firm that provides expert Company & Commercial Law services to clients throughout the UK. The firm offers comprehensive legal advice and representation to businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to multinational corporations, on a range of commercial and corporate matters.

With a team of experienced solicitors and support staff, Abbott & Co has established a reputation for providing practical, proactive, and cost-effective legal solutions. The firm's approach combines legal expertise with a deep understanding of business operations, ensuring that clients receive tailored advice and representation that meets their specific needs. Overall, Abbott & Co Solicitors is a trusted choice for anyone seeking high-quality legal support and representation for company and commercial law matters.

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Types of Cases
  • Acquisitions
    & Disposals

    Whether you are buying your first business, expanding an existing one, or seeking to sell your business, our team will provide you with expert support in a professional & collaborative manner; ensuring your strategic goals are delivered on time and within budget.

  • Banking &

    Whether you are loaning to, or investing in a business, or if your business is to receive funding, our team can prepare, review and advise you on the required documentation. Our expert team can guide you from the very start of a transaction through to completion.

  • Commercial

    We offer a pragmatic, cost-effective approach to reviewing and advising upon existing contracts, whilst addressing any potential issues. Our team is highly skilled in drafting new bespoke contracts to govern your important and key relationships.

  • E-Commerce

    We can ensure your website is legally compliant and protected. Whether your website is a fully interactive e-commerce site, or comprises only a simple promotional statement about your business, specific contracts need to be put in place when operating a website.

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Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Due Diligence is an in-depth assessment of a business based on a number of questions and queries put to the seller in the form of a questionnaire. A report is then produced by the solicitors of a potential buyer of a business in order for the buyer to understand the assets, liabilities, and commercial prospects of the company and to satisfy themselves the price they are paying for the business is justified.

Legal, commercial, and financial due diligence of any target business is essential and we would work closely with you, your acquisition team, and your corporate finance advisers to ensure a thorough and complete due diligence exercise is undertaken in respect of the target business.

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