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Intellectual Property

In a world where information and data are becoming more and more important to business, it has never been more vital for a business to protect these assets. Our intellectual property solicitors are experts in protecting intellectual property in your brand and designs, which is vital to all businesses.

We can assess your intellectual property needs, help protect your goodwill through taking court action where necessary and register your logos and keywords. We are experienced in helping businesses from small companies to multi-national corporations protect their intellectual property in a cost effective and commercially sensitive way.

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Types of Cases

    Some designs are automatically protected and we can help determine whether this is the case and take action if so. It is preferable for designs to be registered to make protection easier, and our design rights law specialists can help you do so.


    Our team are experienced in both taking action & defending our clients in proceedings before the courts and the Intellectual Property Office. If you believe that someone else is taking advantage of your intellectual property or brand contact us.


    Trade marks give you the right to protect your brand name, logo or even an advertising slogans or shapes. Our trademark solicitors can arrange to register trade marks for you, or take action in the courts to protect your trade marks.

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Our Solicitors for contracts and licenses can help if you want to sell or transfer your intellectual property to another party, or if you want to retain the ownership of intellectual property in any design or name by preparing a licence to enable another party to use it whilst you retain ownership.

This will ensure that your rights are protected and also determine how and for what purpose the other party can use your intellectual property.

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