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Employment Law

Your staff are your business, therefore it is imperative that you have the right support in place to prevent things going wrong or correct them if they do. Our team is able to expertly navigate your organisation through the various complexities and ever-changing landscape of employment law, to help ensure that your organisation achieves its objectives.

If your organisation is in a dispute with an executive or one or more of its employees, our highly experienced solicitors will be able help you resolve these issues, thus freeing you from this burden and allowing you to focus on achieving your goals.

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Types of Cases
  • Disciplinary

    Occasionally you may find it necessary to discipline an employee if you suspect that they have committed an act of misconduct or gross misconduct. Legally, you must follow a fair and reasonable disciplinary process before imposing a disciplinary sanction.

  • Employee

    If an employee has a problem in the workplace they have the right to bring their concerns to you as their employer by way of a Grievance. You must listen to the employee and act reasonably, you must also follow the recommended procedure for dealing with grievances.

  • Internal

    In recent years there has been a growing public interest into the conduct of public and private bodies. When accused of impropriety, many organisations are now turning to independent third parties to conduct internal investigations to provide confidence and transparency.

  • Restrictive

    We can advise you and your business on all aspects of Restrictive Covenants and other post-termination restrictions. It is importand to understand how you can legitimately restrict an employee after they leave and the restrictions which are imposed by the law.

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Employment Tribunal Claims

If you have received a notification of Early Conciliation from Acas, or are subject to an Employment Tribunal Claim, Abbott & Co can help.

We understand that when a business is faced with the prospect of an Employment Tribunal Claim it is a difficult time for all those concerned.If you receive a notification of Early Conciliation from Acas, or a claim issued in the Employment Tribunal, you will have 28 days to respond and it is crucial you obtain legal advice at the earliest opportunity. Employment Tribunals deal with claims brought by individuals relating to their treatment during employment or on its termination. We know your time is valuable and that dealing with Employment Tribunal Claims can waste a lot of that valuable time. Our expert team can minimise the stress of the process, and leave you free to concentrate on other priorities in your business.

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