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Personal Injury Claims

If you've suffered a personal injury or been made ill in the last three years, you may be entitled to compensation. It doesn't matter whether you were at work or in a public place, our dedicated personal injury solicitors are here to help you.

The amount of compensation you could receive will be as individual as you are due to that the consequences of the same injury or illness are different for each person. At Abbott & Co Solicitors our personal injury solicitors are experienced in accurately valuing claims based on your particular circumstances, to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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Types of Claims
  • Road Traffic

    A road traffic accident can have a big impact on your life. There is a wide gamut of possibilities for the impact of a road traffic accident, from short-term minor injury to lifelong severe impairment. We endeavour to assess the impact of your injury and ensure you recieve the appropriate compensation

  • Clinical

    Clinical negligence is where wrong, accidental or substandard care by medical professionals leads to a patient's injury or to the excacerbation of an existing condition. The results of clinical negligence can be significant and the level of compensation needs to reflect the impact of such injuries

  • Accident
    in Public

    An accident in public can sometimes be an embarrasing incident and therefore easy to dismiss. However, business owners and local authorities have a resonsibility to ensure public safety on their premises. If they have failed in this regard and you have been injured then you may be able to claim

  • Accident
    at Work

    Most workplace claims are due to insufficient or insufficiently administered safety protocols either as poorly maintained equipment, lack of PPE or other such conditions. If you've been injured at work in the last three years and it wasn't your fault, you may be able to claim compensation

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Why choose us

We make sure that you recieve the compensation that you deserve

When you suffer an injury you need a solicitors who will listen to you and act in your best interests. At Abbott & Co we pride ourselves on our level of experience in the field along with our compassionate aproach to managing our clients cases. Our team are freindly and will discuss your case in clear and simple terms so that you can easily understand not only the current state of your case but also the prospects of your case.

Our expert team persistently fight for our clients and will ensure you get the compensation to reflect the level of care, support and rehabilitation that you need as a result of your injury.

Psycological Impact

The Psycological Impact

In personal injury cases it is easy just to see the physical impact of an accident and for the client it is sometimes embarrasing to acknowledge the psycological consequesnses of their accident. Additionally, some may not even realise that there is a psycological element to their injury as it can manifest in ways that are not immediatley aparent to the client themselves. Potential symptoms include;

  • •  Shouting more often
  • •  Drinking more often
  • •  More reserved behaviour
  • •  Persistent nightmares
  • •  Being more forgetful

It is important that you talk about your behaviour with your family and discuss any potential symptoms with your lawyer so that we can fully assess the impact of your accident.

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