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Commercial & Residential Conveyancing

Abbott & Co Solicitors is a well-respected law firm that provides expert Conveyancing services to clients throughout the UK. The firm offers comprehensive legal advice and representation in all aspects of buying, selling, and remortgaging properties.

With a team of experienced solicitors and support staff, Abbott & Co has established a reputation for providing personalized, cost-effective solutions tailored to each client's unique needs. The firm's approach combines legal expertise with exceptional customer service, ensuring that clients are kept fully informed throughout the conveyancing process. Overall, Abbott & Co Solicitors is a trusted choice for anyone seeking high-quality legal support and representation for conveyancing matters.

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  • Residential

    Residential conveyancing is required when buying or selling property. If you've found your dream home, you want to do everything in your power to make sure it becomes yours, you need an experienced residential property solicitor by your side, helping to guide you through.

  • Commercial

    Whether you're looking to purchase land for a start-up business idea, want to downsize your premises or need a larger location for a growing team. At Abbott & Co we can assist with the the acceptance of an offer to the transferring of funds and everything in between.

  • Tennant

    If you've tried to resolve your tenant dispute, but are still struggling to make progress. At Abbott & Co, our team of talented solicitors are experts when it comes to tenant evictions and will work closely with you to reclaim what's rightfully yours, in an efficient manner with minimal distress.

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Joint Ownership

Joint Ownership and Transfer of Equity

There are two types of joint ownership;

Joint Tenants

Joint Tenants have equal ownership of the property, and in the event of the death of one owner, that share automatically goes to the other owner, irrespective of the terms of a will. Under this arrangement, any sale proceeds are split equally.

Tenants in Common

Tenants in Common have specified interests in the property, which may or may not be equal. In this case, in the event of a death the available share will not automatically pass to the other owner, but will be dictated by the contents of a will, (or where there is no will, by the rules of intestacy).

Under this arrangement, any sale proceeds are split in accordance with the already agreed proportions which will have been set out on the title to your property at the time of your purchase. Abbott & Co are able to deal with Transfers of Equity, whether it be from joint to single names or single to joint names as well as assisting in amending the type of joint ownership currently in place

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